Year 2020, Jefferson Dad Vail contenders for the Gold! — would it be Colgate again, or Drexel, Temple, Purdue, St. Joe’s, or even crews returning from a several year hiatuses such as FIT and Georgetown? Would Saturday afternoon’s women’s final include Boston, Drexel, Georgetown, Bucknell and Temple?

Friday afternoon’s light rain had settled the Schuylkill River providing ideal racing conditions, however just imagine, at the Friday Night Recognition Reception, everyone’s rain gear being piled up on chairs and the warmth of  Winnie’s buffet line food providing welcome respite, as laughter and chatter from the camaraderie subsides, and the fifty-year Anniversary Crew from Saint Joe’s take the podium, followed by the 25th Anniversary Crew women from University of Michigan and the Temple men.  This year’s Matt Ledwith Award and Jack Seitz Award winners would have been announced by Kirsten Morasco as would ten-year volunteers to be clad for the first time in their coveted Dad Vail Gold Jackets.

When I woke at 4:30 this morning and and stepped outside to double check the 34-degree temperature and to note the clear skies, the Florida crews immediately came to mind as enjoying a tantalizing surprise, a snap change in weather!

It was but a wish, to once more to be arriving right now at the Strawberry Mansion Bridge detour, in the dark, lining up behind the enormous West Point transport bus with diesel engines purring, seeing the piercing, flashing red lights from one of Philadelphia’s finest parked sideways, but receiving assurances from Ed Holland, that there was a steady stream of Regatta traffic already arriving to stage and officiate during today’s racing.

A heartfelt thank you from the Board of Directors, for  all for your dedicated service and for all of the time you invested in preparation for the 2020 Jefferson Dad Vail Regatta, and until we meet again, Godspeed.

Never row,

Jim Hanna
Dad Vail Regatta Organizing Committee

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