85th Jefferson Dad Vail Regatta Program Guide

Ed HOLLAND Ed Holland: Mr. Versatility is a key asset in behind-the-scenes success John A. SEITZ AWARD When spectators show up each year at the Jefferson Dad Vail Regatta, they see the crews working hard in the water going for a coveted Jefferson Dad Vail Regatta medal. Little do most know of what goes on to get the boats and trailers in the right parking areas that allow the crews to de-rig the shells from the trailers and get on the water. A key member in making that happen is Ed Holland who greets each van hauling the shells and instructs them where to go and basically relieves any stress they may have. “He has been doing this for a long time and most of the folks driving the van know my father and the two usually share a laugh before they go where he directs them to go,” said son Paul Holland. A volunteer now for over two decades, Holland’s versatility in assisting has occurred over the past two years while the regatta has had to call the Copper River home during the dredging project of the Schuylkill. While he still assists with the incoming crews on Thursday, he then transitions over to the parking area that will house the food trucks. With the main drive no longer being closed during the regatta Holland saw the food trucks needed assistance so he jumped in and started helping. With his help last year, he will now direct the food trucks where to be during the regatta. In addition to volunteering at Dad Vail, Holland’s experience also the Head of the Charles where he was involved as a volunteer and director for about 25 years. Holland is no stranger to the regatta or rowing. Holland grew up around water most of his life with his father By Ed Levin