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Stetson Shoots for the Stars
Clara Lefton 
Communications Director 
Philadelphia, Pa., May 10, 2013 – Stetson University’s rowing program has gone through a variety of changes this year and hopes its performance at the Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta, celebrating its 75th Anniversary, will reflect the progress it has made.  
After going through a series of short-term head coaches, first-year coach Mark Wilson is hoping to stick around for the long haul. He is confident that the more competitive spirit he has brought to the program will continue to bring in medals and dedicated athletes. An experienced competitor, Wilson rowed in the 1988 Dad Vail while attending the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. 
“The rowers went through a lot this year,” explained Wilson, who now has his 45-person team training six days a week rather than the previous coaches who had them practicing four days a week. “I really brought more work into the program and structure. The whole team that I have now is different from the one I first met this past September. I’m just really proud of the kids; they’re just a great group!” 
Freshmen walk-on Victoria Teter says that she really appreciates his hands on coaching style. “One time we were rowing and having an off day and Coach Wilson just hopped in the boat,” explained Teter of Phoenixville, PA. “I really liked that. It was great to see him rowing with us. There’s nothing I find more annoying than a coach who tells you to do something they can’t even do or help you with.” 
Despite being a novice, Teter has proven herself this past year and will be the only Stetson novice to compete at the Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta. Growing up, Teter played lacrosse, field hockey and swam, but never got into a rowing shell until college. Impressed by her abilities, Wilson put her into the lightweight four, one of the two boats Stetson will have competing at the Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta. The second boat is the men’s pair. 
Excited for the opportunity, Wilson had initially been hesitant about having his first ever Stetson crew participate in such a competitive event. He decided that if his team reached the finals at the Florida Intercollegiate Rowing Association State Championships, he would have his team race in the Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta. Not only did Stetson reach the finals, but also they won a gold and two silver medals.  
“Stetson rowers have been competing at the Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta for a number of years and right now it’s a great opportunity to have a championship event,” said Wilson, whose team is not part of any rowing conference. “The history of the Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta offers a good opportunity to bring our faster crews to a tournament.” 
Since Stetson will be coming from Central Florida, the team has decided to fly up and rent boats from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. For 14 years Wilson and Amherst’s Head Coach Jim Dietz have been running a summer program, the All-American Rowing Camp. The two were more than happy to work together to fulfill Stetson’s Dad Vail plans.  
“We’re using other boats that are matched to our specifications and it should be fine,” said Wilson. “I don’t think equipment is a limiting factor in these situations, usually it’s the athletes and the heats where you get caught.” 
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Content reviewed and published: 5/10/2013 9:27:08 PM
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