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Aberdeen Dad Vail Marks End of an Era For Fittipoldi Family
Clara Lefton 
Communications Director 
Philadelphia, Pa., May 9, 2013 – As Kathleen Fittipoldi prepares for this weekend’s Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta, celebrating its 75th anniversary, it marks the end of an era for her family. 
Kathleen, the captain of the LaSalle University team, will participate in her final Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta with her brother Anthony, a former Drexel University captain and Dad Vail rower, her aunt Lisa, a Club Officer of the Philadelphia Girls Rowing Club (PGRC) and her mother Mary Ann standing on the banks of the Schuylkill River offering their support. 
Anthony and Kathleen were encouraged to try rowing after watching their aunt row at PGRC, but neither of them took up the sport until college. Anthony first got involved when Drexel Head Coach Paul Savell and Joe Palmer, the freshmen coach at the time, approached him at the fall 2007 orientation. The two had noticed his 6’3” frame and successfully convinced him to try out for the team.  
“I didn’t really know what to expect,” said Anthony, now the crew coach at Haddon Township High School and instructor at RowZone, Manayunk’s indoor training facility. “Growing up I was used to hanging out on rivers and lakes going hiking and fishing, so that kind of drew me towards it. I found rowing to be fun and enjoyable and I got to meet a lot of people. Then the competitive side started and I liked that even more. I got hooked on it and I’ve been doing it ever since.” 
It was not always clear sailing for Anthony, but he admits his freshmen experience at the Dad Vail convinced him to fully commit to the sport. That spring (2008) he was in the men’s heavyweight varsity four event and in a boat that he described as “the bottom of the pack.” The four raced in the first event of the regatta in the pouring rain and cold.  
“It was miserable conditions when we were racing and we finished last. It was not a close race at all, “ explained Anthony. “But that race made me come back and decide I didn’t want to end my rowing career like that. I was motivated to try to take myself to the next level. That race definitely sticks with me the most because it was the deciding factor for my staying in rowing.” 
That summer Anthony put in the work by participating in several summer rowing programs. He went on to become a member of Drexel’s crew team all four years until his graduation in the spring of 2011. Throughout her brother’s rowing career, Kathleen observed what he was able to accomplish and decided to join La Salle’s team when she began attending the university.  
“I definitely think we got closer because of rowing,” said Kathleen, a Communications major. “He’s someone I can always call for advice. One big thing is you can get really frustrated with crew at times when you’re so dedicated and he always calms me down.” 
Their mother, Mary Ann Fittipoldi, has yet to get into a rowing shell but she says that it is definitely on her bucket list. She is certain that rowing will continue to be an important part of their lives on some level or another. 
After rowing in the 2013 Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta and graduating from La Salle, Kathleen will spend the summer coaching high school rowers at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD. In the future, she hopes to join the Air Force as an Air Traffic Controller. 
She says the greatest advice she ever got from Anthony was, “You can only fix what you can control: just row as hard as you can, pull every stroke and work on yourself. Then everything else will work out.” 
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Content reviewed and published: 5/10/2013 3:11:33 PM
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