85th Jefferson Dad Vail Regatta Program Guide

! The Dad Vail Regatta Organizing Committee Core Values In order to fulfill the mission of the Dad Vail Regatta Organizing Committee and to meet the goal of producing a professionally run, fair, collegiate regatta, we find it suitable and necessary to operate this entire regatta according to the following acronym of RESPECT. Rowing at the Dad Vail Regatta is an athletic endeavor with a rich tradition of venerating the highest standards of sportsmanship that sports competition has fostered over the years. True to the best ideals of sportsmanship, the Dad Vail Regatta celebrates victory in rowing as it results from talent, conditioning, and commitment to winning. The only victory that is celebrated is one that is achieved within the framework of the rules, teamwork, and spirit of fair competition. The Solidarity Committee recognizes the work that needs to be done to make rowing a more inclusive sport, to ensure that athletes who seek to participate have the opportunity to do so, regardless of their race, gender, nationality or socio-economic background and to ensure that the athletes competing fully reflect the rich diversity of the communities from which they come. R RESPONSIBLE Trustworthy, dependable, and accountable. A responsible rower’s word is truthful, worthy of trust and honorable E EQUITY Welcoming, respecting, supporting and valuing individuals. Contributing to an inclusive climate that cherishes and embraces differences, on and off the water. A commitment to not merely oppose discrimination or unfairness, but to actively counter those acts by initiating remedies for injustice. S SELFLESS Partiality to others, above self. Staging the Dad Vail Regatta is possible only through the spirit of volunteerism and generosity of our community each year. A selfless rower values their contribution to their team and their community above and beyond any personal gain. P PERSEVERANCE Dedication to an idea, a goal or purpose in the face of opposition, challenges or previous defeat. E EXCELLENCE Perpetual pursuit of the best version of yourself. C COMMUNITY Supporting and improving one’s community. Conducting oneself to personify an example that others should aspire to emulate in their quest to lead, to exercise good sportsmanship and to exemplify generosity. T TEAMWORK Working compatibly with others and leading or following, as appropriate while exercising patience to obtain excellence.