84th Annual Jefferson Dad Vail Regatta Program Book

Cindy Luu is a senior at Archbishop Ryan High School in northeast Philadelphia. She first started drawing when she was in kindergarten and hasn’t stopped since. Through the years her teachers have recognized her as a talented and dedicated young artist. When she was in grade school in science class, she and her classmates where asked to draw a cell. Cindy’s was so perfectly done that her teacher posted it on the “Principal’s Wall.” Cindy plans to attend Temple University and study physical therapy. When asked why she is choosing this career, she responded that she wants to take care of people and help them. She also intends to pursue her talents as an artist by seeking commissions online. Mrs. Kramer, Cindy’s art teacher, describes her as a hard-working student and a perfectionist. On many occasions Mrs. Kramer has found Cindy in the art room during her lunch period working on a piece of art just to make it perfect. With a work ethic like that, Cindy is off to a great start. 2023 GRAND PRIZE WINNER: CINDY LUU ANNUAL 21ST Poster Contest