84th Annual Jefferson Dad Vail Regatta Program Book

By: Christa Musial John A. SEITZ AWARD John Bancheri’s first experience at the Jefferson Dad Vail Regatta came as a spectator thanks to Jack Strotbeck, Sr. who brought Bancheri with him to watch his son, John row for Marietta College. “It was an awesome experience, said Bancheri. “I hoped someday I would be a part of the event.” For nearly 30 years, Bancheri got to live out his wish and soon became a fixture at the Jefferson Dad Vail Regatta. Typically donning his traditional Hawaiian shirt, Bancheri could typically be found near the Kelly Statue as you approach the finish line shouting words of encouragement at his team while watching the race through a pair of binoculars to try and get a closer look to see if his team would medal. With coaching stops at the University of Charleston (1984 - 1987); Wichita State (1987 - 1994); Marietta College (1994-2005); Grand Valley State (2005-2019) and finally at Stockton University (20192022) Bancheri embraced the value of the Dad Vail bringing a fledgling program to an event that would allow his crews to build confidence and achieve much success each May. John BANCHERI Coach of The Year - Coach John Bancheri: A Pioneer for Women’s Rowing Matt LEDWITH AWARD HERI Matt By Ed Levin