85th Jefferson Dad Vail Regatta Program Guide

What is Nexus Learning™? No matter what students study at Jefferson, Nexus Learning is at the core of their academic experience. Nexus Learning is powered by action, collaboration, real-world situations and in-demand liberal arts skills. From working with students across majors to identifying and solving problems for Verizon or NASA to responding to national crises. From leading-edge equipment to mastering the art of intellectual risk-taking and learning that is borderless. Our goal is to make students not only successful, but iconic. ACTIVE Our students meet with congressional staff members in Washington, D.C.; win the World Sneaker Championship for an innovative shoe design; and design futuristic cities of 2050. Jefferson students design prosthetics to get surfers back on their boards; study fashion in Paris, global economics in Havana and biomimicry in Costa Rica: and help our neighbors register to vote and access absentee ballots for upcoming elections. Magic happens when students work across disciplines to solve industry challenges. For example, our industrial design, engineering and business students come together every year to develop new products for automotive components manufacturer Tenneco. Our Hallmarks Program empowers students to reach their full potential by teaching them to: • Question assumptions with rigorous inquiry and critical analysis. • Adapt to new challenges with contextual communication and global perspectives. • Contribute with intercultural insight and collaborative creation. • Act with confidence grounded in intellectual risk-taking and ethical reflection. ARCHITECTURE • BUSINESS • DESIGN • ENGINEERING • FASHION & TEXTILES • HEALTH • MEDICINE • NURSING • SCIENCE • SOCIAL SCIENCE REAL-WORLD COLLABORATIVE THE LIBERAL ARTS