84th Annual Jefferson Dad Vail Regatta Program Book

A national research doctoral university formed by one of the nation’s most innovative and successful mergers (Thomas Jefferson University + Philadelphia University), Jefferson is a professions-focused, global institution located in the heart of Philadelphia. We bring unrivaled innovation and discovery to higher education and prepare students for the future of work. How? Through high-stakes projects that cross industries and continents. Through a trademarked approach to education—Nexus Learning™—that shatters silos and cultivates collaboration. Through a Creativity Core Curriculum and design-thinking mentality at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in a variety of fields, including medicine, architecture, business, design, engineering, health, science, fashion, textiles, nursing and the social sciences. At Thomas Jefferson University, our students redefine possible. ARCHITECTURE • BUSINESS • DESIGN • ENGINEERING • FASHION & TEXTILES • HEALTH • MEDICINE • NURSING • SCIENCE • SOCIAL SCIENCE By daring to ask the bold questions, and by daring to answer them. Our Jefferson graduates are in demand!