84th Annual Jefferson Dad Vail Regatta Program Book

ARCHITECTURE • BUSINESS • DESIGN • ENGINEERING • FASHION & TEXTILES • HEALTH • MEDICINE • NURSING • SCIENCE • SOCIAL SCIENCE JEFFERSON.EDU/ANSWER At Thomas Jefferson University we dare to ask bold questions, like Can an industrial designer get a surfer back on his board? and Can the future of architecture empower global sustainability? But asking tough questions isn’t enough —we need to answer them. So, we are converging people, ideas and perspectives to find leading- edge solutions for real-world problems. We focus on our craft to drive progress and growth in architecture, business, design, engineering, fashion & textiles, health, medicine, nursing, science and social science. Built for a future that has yet to be defined, Jefferson is crossing disciplines to bring unrivaled innovation and discovery to higher education and to answer the questions that will redefine possible. REDEF INE POS S I B L E