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Official 2012 Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta Race Results
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Friday May 11, 2012
1Men's Varsity Heavyweight Four w/Cox (EV 6)07:00
2Men's Varsity Heavyweight Four w/Cox (EV 6)07:06
3Men's Varsity Heavyweight Four w/Cox (EV 6)07:12
4Men's Varsity Heavyweight Four w/Cox (EV 6)07:18
5Men's Varsity Heavyweight Four w/Cox (EV 6)07:24
6Men's Varsity Heavyweight Four w/Cox (EV 6)07:30
7Men's Varsity Heavyweight Four w/Cox (EV 6)07:36
8Men's Varsity Heavyweight Four w/Cox (EV 6)07:42
9Men's Varsity Heavyweight Four w/Cox (EV 6)07:48
10Women's Varsity Heavyweight Four w/Cox -Div. II & III (EV17)07:54
11Women's Varsity Heavyweight Four w/Cox -Div. II & III (EV17)08:00
12Women's Varsity Heavyweight Four w/Cox -Div. II & III (EV17)08:06
13Women's Varsity Heavyweight Four w/Cox -Div. II & III (EV17)08:12
14Women's Varsity Heavyweight Four w/Cox -Div. II & III (EV17)08:18
15Women's Varsity Heavyweight Four w/Cox - Open (EV 16)08:24
16Women's Varsity Heavyweight Four w/Cox - Open (EV 16)08:30
17Women's Varsity Heavyweight Four w/Cox - Open (EV 16)08:36
18Women's Varsity Heavyweight Four w/Cox - Open (EV 16)08:42
19Women's Varsity Heavyweight Four w/Cox - Open (EV 16)08:48
20Women's Varsity Heavyweight Four w/Cox - Open (EV 16)08:54
21Women's Varsity Heavyweight Four w/Cox - Open (EV 16)09:00
22Women's Varsity Heavyweight Four w/Cox - Open (EV 16)09:06
23Women's Varsity Heavyweight Four w/Cox - Open (EV 16)09:12
24Men's Pair without Cox (EV 9)09:18
25Men's Pair without Cox (EV 9)09:24
26Men's Pair without Cox (EV 9)09:30
27Men's Pair without Cox (EV 9)09:36
28Men's Pair without Cox (EV 9)09:42
29Men's Pair without Cox (EV 9)09:48
30Men's Pair without Cox (EV 9)09:54
31Men's Pair without Cox (EV 9)10:00
32Men's Pair without Cox (EV 9)10:06
33Women's Pair without Cox (EV 20)10:12
34Women's Pair without Cox (EV 20)10:18
35Women's Pair without Cox (EV 20)10:24
36Women's Pair without Cox (EV 20)10:30
37Men's Varsity Heavyweight Eight (EV 1)10:36
38Men's Varsity Heavyweight Eight (EV 1)10:42
39Men's Varsity Heavyweight Eight (EV 1)10:48
40Men's Varsity Heavyweight Eight (EV 1)10:54
41Men's Varsity Heavyweight Eight (EV 1)11:00
42Women's Varsity Heavyweight Eight - Div II (EV 11)11:06
43Women's Varsity Heavyweight Eight - Div II (EV 11)11:12
44Women's Varsity Heavyweight Eight - Div III (EV 12)11:18
45Women's Varsity Heavyweight Eight - Div III (EV 12)11:24
46Women's Varsity Heavyweight Eight - Open (EV 10)11:30
47Women's Varsity Heavyweight Eight - Open (EV 10)11:36
48Women's Varsity Heavyweight Eight - Open (EV 10)11:42
49Women's Varsity Heavyweight Eight - Open (EV 10)11:48
50Women's Varsity Heavyweight Eight - Open (EV 10)11:54
51Women's Varsity Heavyweight Eight - Open (EV 10)12:00
52Mens Open Collegiate 1x Exhibition (EV 21)13:00
53Mens Open Collegiate 1x Exhibition (EV 21)13:06
54Mens Open Collegiate 1x Exhibition (EV 21)13:12
55Mens Open Collegiate 1x Exhibition (EV 21)13:18
56Mens Open Collegiate 1x Exhibition (EV 21)13:24
57Mens Open Collegiate 1x Exhibition (EV 21)13:30
58Men's Frosh/Novice Four w/Cox (EV 8)13:36
59Men's Frosh/Novice Four w/Cox (EV 8)13:42
60Men's Frosh/Novice Four w/Cox (EV 8)13:48
61Men's Frosh/Novice Four w/Cox (EV 8)13:54
62Men's Frosh/Novice Four w/Cox (EV 8)14:00
63Men's Frosh/Novice Four w/Cox (EV 8)14:06
64Men's Frosh/Novice Four w/Cox (EV 8)14:12
65Men's Frosh/Novice Four w/Cox (EV 8)14:18
66Men's Frosh/Novice Four w/Cox (EV 8)14:24
67Women's Frosh/Novice Four with Cox (EV 19)14:30
68Women's Frosh/Novice Four with Cox (EV 19)14:36
69Women's Frosh/Novice Four with Cox (EV 19)14:42
70Women's Frosh/Novice Four with Cox (EV 19)14:48
71Women's Frosh/Novice Four with Cox (EV 19)14:54
72Women's Frosh/Novice Four with Cox (EV 19)15:00
73Women's Frosh/Novice Four with Cox (EV 19)15:06
74Women's Frosh/Novice Four with Cox (EV 19)15:12
75Women's Frosh/Novice Four with Cox (EV 19)15:18
76Men's Lightweight Four w/Cox (EV 7)15:24
77Men's Lightweight Four w/Cox (EV 7)15:30
78Men's Lightweight Four w/Cox (EV 7)15:36
79Men's Lightweight Four w/Cox (EV 7)15:42
80Men's Lightweight Four w/Cox (EV 7)15:48
81Men's Lightweight Four w/Cox (EV 7)15:54
82Women's Lightweight Four with Cox (EV 18)16:00
83Women's Lightweight Four with Cox (EV 18)16:06
84Women's Varsity Heavyweight Eight - Open (EV 10)16:12
85Women's Varsity Heavyweight Eight - Open (EV 10)16:17
86Women's Varsity Heavyweight Eight - Open (EV 10)16:22
87Men's Frosh/Novice Heavyweight Eight (EV 3)16:27
88Men's Frosh/Novice Heavyweight Eight (EV 3)16:32
89Men's Frosh/Novice Heavyweight Eight (EV 3)16:37
90Men's Frosh/Novice Heavyweight Eight (EV 3)16:42
91Men's Frosh/Novice Heavyweight Eight (EV 3)16:47
92Men's Frosh/Novice Heavyweight Eight (EV 3)16:52
93Women's Frosh/Novice Heavyweight Eight (EV 14)16:57
94Women's Frosh/Novice Heavyweight Eight (EV 14)17:02
95Women's Frosh/Novice Heavyweight Eight (EV 14)17:07
96Women's Frosh/Novice Heavyweight Eight (EV 14)17:12
97Women's Frosh/Novice Heavyweight Eight (EV 14)17:17
98Women's Frosh/Novice Heavyweight Eight (EV 14)17:22
99Women's JV Heavyweight Eight - Open (EV 17)17:27
100Women's JV Heavyweight Eight - Open (EV 17)17:32
101Women's JV Heavyweight Eight - Open (EV 17)17:37
102Men's Varsity Heavyweight Eight (EV 1)17:42
Saturday May 12, 2012
103Womens Open Collegiate 1x Exhibition (EV 22)07:00
104Womens Open Collegiate 1x Exhibition (EV 22)07:07
105Mens Open Collegiate 1x Exhibition (EV 21)07:14
106Mens Open Collegiate 1x Exhibition (EV 21)07:21
107Mens Open Collegiate 1x Exhibition (EV 21)07:26
108Women's Frosh/Novice Four with Cox (EV 19)07:32
109Women's Frosh/Novice Four with Cox (EV 19)07:38
110Women's Frosh/Novice Four with Cox (EV 19)07:44
111Men's Frosh/Novice Four w/Cox (EV 8)07:50
112Men's Frosh/Novice Four w/Cox (EV 8)07:56
113Men's Frosh/Novice Four w/Cox (EV 8)08:02
114Women's Frosh/Novice Heavyweight Eight (EV 14)08:08
115Women's Frosh/Novice Heavyweight Eight (EV 14)08:14
116Women's Frosh/Novice Heavyweight Eight (EV 14)08:20
117Men's Frosh/Novice Heavyweight Eight (EV 3)08:26
118Men's Frosh/Novice Heavyweight Eight (EV 3)08:32
119Men's Frosh/Novice Heavyweight Eight (EV 3)08:38
120Women's Pair without Cox (EV 20)08:44
121Women's Pair without Cox (EV 20)08:50
122Men's Pair without Cox (EV 9)08:56
123Men's Pair without Cox (EV 9)09:02
124Men's Pair without Cox (EV 9)09:08
125Men's Lightweight Four w/Cox (EV 7)09:13
126Men's Lightweight Four w/Cox (EV 7)09:18
127Men's Lightweight Four w/Cox (EV 7)09:23
128Women's Varsity Heavyweight Four w/Cox -Div. II & III (EV17)09:28
129Women's Varsity Heavyweight Four w/Cox -Div. II & III (EV17)09:33
130Women's Varsity Heavyweight Four w/Cox -Div. II & III (EV17)09:38
131Women's Varsity Heavyweight Four w/Cox - Open (EV 16)09:43
132Women's Varsity Heavyweight Four w/Cox - Open (EV 16)09:48
133Women's Varsity Heavyweight Four w/Cox - Open (EV 16)09:53
134Men's Varsity Heavyweight Four w/Cox (EV 6)09:58
135Men's Varsity Heavyweight Four w/Cox (EV 6)10:03
136Men's Varsity Heavyweight Four w/Cox (EV 6)10:08
137Men's Varsity Lightweight Eight (EV 4)10:13
138Men's Varsity Lightweight Eight (EV 4)10:18
139Men's JV Heavyweight Eight (EV 2)10:23
140Men's JV Heavyweight Eight (EV 2)10:28
141Women's Varsity Heavyweight Eight - Open (EV 10)10:33
142Women's Varsity Heavyweight Eight - Open (EV 10)10:38
143Women's Varsity Heavyweight Eight - Open (EV 10)10:43
144Men's Varsity Heavyweight Eight (EV 1)10:48
145Men's Varsity Heavyweight Eight (EV 1)10:53
146Men's Varsity Heavyweight Eight (EV 1)10:58
147Corporate Challenge Novice Race 111:00
148Corporate Challenge Novice Race 211:10
149Corporate Challenge Intermediate11:20
150Corporate Challenge Senior11:30
151Matthew J Ledwith Coaches Award11:45
152John A Seitz Award12:00
15325th Anniversary Crew - Temple12:15
15450th Anniversary Crew - Brown12:30
155Womens Open Collegiate 1x Exhibition - FINAL (EV 22)13:00
156Mens Open Collegiate 1x Exhibition - FINAL (EV 21)13:10
157Women's Frosh/Novice Four - FINAL (EV 19)13:20
158Men's Frosh/Novice Four - FINAL LINDY CUP (EV 8)13:30
159Men's Frosh/Novice Ltwt Eight - FINAL BRENDAN LYNCH CUP (EV 5)13:40
160Women's Frosh/Novice Hvwt Eight - FINAL (EV 14)13:50
161Men's Frosh/Novice Hvwt Eight - FINAL LEV BRETT BOWL (EV 3)14:00
162Women's Varsity Pair - FINAL (EV 20)14:10
163Men's Varsity Pair - FINAL BOB NEGAARD CUP (EV 9)14:20
164Women's JV Heavyweight Eight (Open) - FINAL COLEMAN D. BOYLAN TROPHY (EV 13)14:30
165Men's JV Heavyweight Eight - FINAL ERNIE BAYER TROPHY (EV 2)14:40
166Women's Varsity Ltwt Four - FINAL ROBERT ESPESETH TROPHY (EV 18)14:50
167Men's Varsity Ltwt Four - FINAL JAMES J. LYNCH TROPHY (EV 7)15:00
168Women's Varsity Heavyweight Four w/Cox -Div. II & III FINAL (EV17)15:10
169Women's Varsity Hvwt Four - FINAL MARAGARET McNIFF TROPHY (EV 16)15:20
170Men's Varsity Hvwt Four - FINAL THOMAS A. CURRAN CUP (EV 6)15:30
171Women's Varsity Lightweight Eight - FINAL DENNIS KAMRAD TROPHY (EV 15)15:40
172Men's Varsity Lightweight Eight - FINAL THOMAS W. LOSCHIAVO TROPHY (EV 4)15:50
173Women's Varsity Hvwt. Eight Div II FINAL (EV 11)16:00
174Women's Varsity Hvwt. Eight Div III FINAL (EV 12)16:10
175Women's Varsity Heavyweight Eight (Open) - Open - FINAL EVELYN BERGMAN TROPHY (EV 10)16:20
176Men's Varsity Heavyweight Eight - FINAL RICHARD O'BRIEN TROPHY (EV 1)16:30
177Women's Varsity Heavyweight Eight (Open) - Open - SECOND FINAL (Places 7-12/EV 10)16:40
178Men's Varsity Heavyweight Eight -Open - SECOND FINAL (Places 7-12/EV1)16:50
179Women's Varsity Heavyweight Eight (Div II) Final 217:00